I'm a creative designer from

Caracas — Venezuela


For years I've been building quietly on the principles that got me started – simplicity, collaborative thinking, hard working and having fun.


The truth is you are not hiring a graphic designer for an extra pair of hands, and surely not because he knows to use some fancy software tools. You’re hiring a mind that’s been trained to solve problems in a way you can’t. Design isn’t magic and it isn’t art. It’s a craft. Design solves a problem within a set of given constraints. I solve brand problems. By creating effective and impactful digital experiences for startups, agencies and businesses. Big or small, web or print, I got you covered. My special super-power is graphic web-design. Pixel or ink, I deliver engaging stories, optical pleasure, responsive design and, above all, action!



Whether your a thriving start-up or a 500 Fortune’s companies, my vast and diverse experience allows me to happily accept any challenge.

I'm a freelancer. That means i have for your project. That means no fancy secretary talk, no middlemen, no funny waiting songs on the phone and no BS whatsoever. It means personal business and a friendly relationship. It means that I keep the responsibility of doing your problem solving tasks on my shoulders. And it's fast, concise and punctual, like it should be in this century.

Now that we know each-other better i’m going to tell you a secret. Nobody is coming to a website because of design. They will come for the service and content. Good design should make them stay, interact and, above all, offer them a easy-to-understand delightful way to interact with your content. My job is to add my design expertise to my clients' business expertise and design a solution that accomplishes their goals. I love doing this. I want to help you love it too.


With every project, I put my name on the line (actually, online). In this digital era, when you want to build trust and long business relationships, you have to be all in. Without the passion, I couldn’t keep marching those long hours on the same project. Love for design is the fuel that keeps me going. And going. Long after the Duracell rabbit had stopped for a nap, somewhere.

**In case you need some other design services, that i didn’t mention in this list, i don’t mind if you ask. I could make them myself or outsource them to a friend ( o smooth, that you wont feel any difference).


Projects i worked on

Gabriel, where are the rest of study cases ?

I love my clients, and i dedicate most of my time to them, leaving me little or no time at all for writing other case studies. But don't worry, with time i will add others. Until then see my Dribbble or Behance account on what i'm working next.

I live, work and play in the city of Caracas, capital of Venezuela. Now that you know me, I want to get to know you too. Every great design starts with a conversation.

Get in touch on e-mail or phone (please note that if you call from China during office hours, I might be still dreaming in my bed).

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Great designs starts with a conversation.